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What is Assisted Hatching ?

Assisted Hatching is an IVF technique that empowers the process of embryo implantation into the woman's uterine lining. For this purpose, an opening is created for hatching at outer part of embryo. It is necessary to hatch out the developing embryo from outer shell (zona pellucida), before transferring it into the woman's uterine. The whole process of assisted hatching takes place in the laboratory conditions by the finest IVF specialists.

Why Assisted Hatching ?    
Assisted hatching is needed for woman to achieve pregnancy. Without hatching, chances of pregnancy is really low. Most women who are over to 37 years might have an embryo having thicker egg shells due to which shell becomes unable for penetration along with decreased ability for implantation in woman's womb to grow.

Assisted Hatching is Required For:
Assisted hatching is necessary for woman who has harder egg shell that is not easy to penetrate. Majority of old aged women face these issues and become unable to achieve pregnancy. This treatment is required for women having higher FSH. Further, assisted hatching is applicable for those women who have faced failure in IVF treatment multiple times. Hence, there are several medical reasons because of which females have to pass through assisted hatching procedure for intended purpose.

We, at IVF Clinic are committed towards helping those women, who really need an aid of assisted hatching treatment to achieve pregnancy. Our clinic is renowned for providing high quality and result oriented hatching solutions for women. For this purpose, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors and IVF specialists, who can help females to get rid of this issue. Our well-furnished clinic is suitable to perform this delicate treatment under hygienic and high-tech conditions. The treatment will be done by experienced IVF specialists only. The women seeking absolute quality, reliable and effective assisted hatching solutions, can visit our clinic in India.

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