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The issues related to the surrogacy, are comprehensive and mixed up with different problems in various countries. Laws have been a major hurdle amongst all the issues for prospective couples. The answer came in the form of Indian Surrogacy as a troubleshooter, but, the recent developments in the year 2013 states that, the India prohibits gay surrogacy, It allows only people with who are in successful relationships. Thus laws in India will not allow singles to take part in Surrogacy process. The best option for singles is Thailand, though Thailand does not recognize gay and lesbian marriage, singles can take part in the surrogacy process.Surrogacy agencies in Thailand have been reporting the highest number of clients, since the time when India prohibited singles from taking part in the surrogacy. Gay surrogacy in Thailand is very simple, if the gay as a single takes part in the surrogacy process. He will be awarded parental rights, upon surrogate relinquishing her rights over the kid post the delivery of a child. The intended parents must have knowledge about the surrogacy process in their homeland too, regarding citizenship to the kid borne out of the surrogacy process. In Thailand Surrogacy the woman who delivers the baby is the legitimate mother and her name will be mentioned on the certificate.


          India Surrogacy Hub-Doctor views ​In past some days, India has become the favorite hot spot of parents seeking surrogacy services. India has made exceptional progress in surrogacy services because of the availability of surrogates at a much cheaper rate if compared with the prices in foreign nations. Considering India as a hub of surrogacy won’t get wrong owing to the facilities available here in India. Doctors at also believe the capability of India to deliver surrogates at just the half cost acquired by foreign nations. Besides having a hub of surrogate ready to offer their services at a much cheaper rate, the infrastructure in India is developed affordably that is another advantage to foreign couples seeking surrogacy services in India.Another important thing that makes surrogacy an easy-to-consider process in India is the availability of surrogacy clinic at different junctions within a city. Besides the four metropolitan cities, other cities in India have also shown their candidacy to offer reliable surrogacy services at their doorstep. All these facilities have contributed to make India one of its kind offering surrogacy packages at reliable rates. The rules for surrogacy designed here in India support the right of intended parents, which is of course a reason for intended parents to consider when coming to India for surrogacy.                  



The legal aspects surrounding surrogacy are complex, diverse and mostly unsettled. In most of the countries world over , the woman giving birth to a child is considered as the Child's legal mother. However, in very few countries, the Intended Parents are be recognized as the legal parents from birth by the virtue of the fact that the Surrogate has contracted to give the birth of the Child for the commissioned Parents. India is one country amongst the few, which recognize the Intended/ Commissioning Parent/s as the legal parents. Many states now issue pre-birth orders through the courts placing the name(s) of the intended parent(s) on the birth certificate from the start. In others the possibility of surrogacy is either not recognized (all contracts specifying different legal parents are void), or is prohibited.

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​ An exclusive deliver from the medical science that makes possible an access to the infertile couples have their families complete with a baby at their homes. Though the medical industry has its place special among all other commodities in all over the world, it sometimes does its bang beneficial for the needy one, such as intended parent to have been parent by successful practice from fertility treatments and surgeries.

At IVFSurrogacy, we are thoroughly fulsome banking of result-oriented as well as customized fertility solutions that cover every infertility disorder get well-treated, through our modern medical technologies.

Here, it turns to surrogacy that means to widen smiles of those who are been futile to bear a baby, so women know it all-answers treating their such infertility cause. From IVF to Surrogacy treatment, the company is fully committed to fuel parenthood for its clients well.

As surrogacy arrangement is the carrying of a pregnancy for intended parents, there are two main types of surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, the pregnancy rises from the transfer of an embryo created by In vitro fertilization (IVF), in a manner so the resulting child is genetically unrelated to the surrogate. And in traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is impregnated naturally or artificially, but the resulting child is hereditarily related to the surrogate.

So what to bring in mind after the company is meant to believe you know surrogacy, and helps you have the surrogacy to treat infertility among women in enlivening their parenthood.

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