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Surrogacy fulfills Dream of Parenthood among Infertile Couples 

The Union Health Ministry's move to tighten rules for surrogacy through the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill 2010 which is to be introduced in Cabinet has created a controversy. According to sources, the proposal aims to ban foreigners from surrogacy in India and leaves it open only to married, infertile, Indian origin couples.
Pankaj Nagpal, Founder-Director of IVF Surrogacy, a private firm that offers surrogacy assistance to couples, says, "It is extremely surprising that Director General of Health Services has proposed an amendment that foreigners should not be allowed. I fail to understand why we are going backwards. The Supreme Court has said commercial surrogacy is a legal industry. Supreme Court has decriminalised homosexuality. Supreme Court has said that live-in relationships are legal. I don't understand why anyone would want to ban foreigners or unmarried couples."
In India, about 25,000 children are born through in-vitro fertilization or the IVF technique. India is the world's no 1 destination for surrogacy but the sector is totally unregulated. A report says that 10,000 foreigners visit India for reproductive services. The bill, experts say, is a necessity to address the ethical and legal issues pertaining to surrogacy. Some of the proposals, however, like the one which says only couples married for two years can have a surrogate baby are downright illogical say doctors. For firms like Surrogacy India, 90 per cent of the clientele are foreigners. Surrogacy been pushed into the mainstream by actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan who opted to have children through the procedure. But the government's plans to regulate the surrogacy industry may actually end up killing it if the proposal to ban foreign couples from having surrogate babies in India goes through.


The Secret Reason Women Aren't Getting Pregnant

More than 25% of women are dealing with the problem of infertility and the reason or the cause behind this is unexplained fertility. The biggest secret reason women aren’t getting pregnant because of the advanced age and the unexplained infertility problem. 

Unexplained infertility: The term unexplained infertility refers the present limitation of medical science. The fact is that current technology does not have the tools for revealing the causes of your infertility. It is extremely difficult for those with unexplained infertility. The main causes of unexplained infertility egg are not released at the best time for fertilization or that fertilization does not happen at all. Blocked fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids, uterine problems may also be the cause.

Men also have infertility problems which result in the couple being unable to conceive. Infertility in men is often due to few or no sperm cells being the procedure. 

The advanced age: A woman is more likely to be diagnosed with unexplained infertility if she is 38 or older. As women get older, the quantity of their eggs diminishes. Most women over 40 have a hard time conceiving and women over age 44 are rarely fertile even if they ovulate regularly every month. Since there is no test to check for egg quality or quantity, older woman with fertility problem are often diagnosis as having unexplained fertility. If any couple dealing with the problem may face trouble due to the four following condition – Endometriosis, tubal disease, premature ovarian aging, immunological infertility. Even the diagnosis of the unexplained fertility is the conditions impeding the women’s ability to conceive such as pelvic adhesions, tubal blockage or hormonal problems, are excluded after all of these tests have been performed and the male’s reproductive system is functioning normally. 

The other reason not to conceive the child: In the category not to conceive the child recurrent pregnancy loss, genetic infertility problems and the miscarriage. Fertility treatment, it is possible to conceive the child like IVF, IUI, and surrogacy. All these procedures can easily enhance the level of the pregnancy rate as well.


Considering fertility treatment abroad: issues and risks

A substantial number of infertility couple are travel one place to other for the treatment of the fertility. 

Even you will be shocked to know that half of them get cheated and face a different type of trouble because not to have complete knowledge of the fertility center. Clinically services, accommodation problems, lack of proper investigation and the fraud doctor are some of the risks and the issue, most of the patient face if they considering fertility treatment abroad. Do you ever think that what is the reason to get the fertility treatment aboroad? So the biggest secret behind this is the IVF success rate because most of the people think that in the other nation, they get the best treatments and a very good success rate. Now look at the risk and issues that related with fertility treatment in abroad.

 Clinically services: it is one of the common issues that most of the patient face because on the time of the inquiry they get some of the prominent promises but on the time of the treatment they are promises are invisible. The selection of the egg or sperm donor, it is one of the common risk. Indeed what they select at the time of the investigation is totally changes at the time of the treatment. 

Health Risk: Most of the time when the patient think that they have already spend time and money in the treatment still there is not improvement means the IVF treatment remain unsuccessful so it means your body is not accepting the changes of the climate and the other reasons are the old technology and the treatments formula that they are performing In the fertility clinic abroad.

Accommodation:  It is one of the biggest risks with which the patient can’t adjust with it. Most of the time the patient face the accommodation is too far away from the fertility clinic or they didn’t get any kind convenience to travel from the hotel to the hospitals. 

The fertility clinic in India is now totally changed the statement because for us the medical tourism is not just the source to get economically strong for us it is path by which a couple can meet to their family, a childless couple will get the happiness of the family.



The Mexican state of Tabasco has banned surrogacy for both gay and foreign couples.
Lawmakers in the southern state’s Congress voted 21 to nine in favour of the restriction searlier this week. Surrogacy is now only available for heterosexual Mexican couples.
Additionally, the woman must be between 25 and 40 years old and be able to prove that she is not medically able to have children of her own. They must also have medical insurance to cover the costs associated with the surrogate’s pregnancy, delivery and post-natal care.
Tabasco is the only state in Mexico to allow any form of surrogacy. However, as in the UK, such agreements must be strictly non-commercial. As a result, the state was a popular destination for gay people who were aspiring parents and couples from overseas. It was seen as a cheaper alternative to the United States, where costs could be as high as $150,000 (around £100,000).
There are around 500 surrogate births in the state every year, Health Secretary Juan Antonio Filigrana estimates. He claimed that women are hired elsewhere and “travel to Tabasco to give birth, taking advantage of the conveniences we offer”, which he likened to “human trafficking”.
Last month, the Indian government announced a ban on commercial surrogacy arrangements involving foreign couples.



Indian government regulations about Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)/ surrogacy and U.S. government regulations about the citizenship of children born via ART/ surrogacy to U.S. citizen parent(s) continue to evolve.

The Indian government requires prospective surrogate parents to meet certain conditions to qualify for medical visas to come to India. Details of the visa requirement can be found in Frequently Asked Questions on the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs website

We advise those considering surrogacy to be sure to check the latest requirements with IVFSURROGACY or the nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate for the most current information on who is eligible for a medical visa and the consequences of coming to India to commission surrogacy without the proper visa.

Individuals and couples who do not meet the new conditions for a medical visa, but have surrogates already in process, should contact the embassy