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Worked as a post graduate student in department of obstetrics and gynecology at R & R Hospital, New Delhi. R & R is the biggest Research & Referral Army Hospital with more than 800 beds and state of the art treatment facilities and busy departments.During this period, she had postings in labor room emergency duties and attended high risk pregnancies.Undergone training in various subspecialties including infertility, ultrasonography, Oncology and endoscopy etc., she participated regularly in monthly clinical meetings, active in academic activities of the department. She had attended various state and national level conferences.Dealing with infertility including IUI and IVF. Doing around 80 cases of IVF in her centre with a success rate of 45%. Dealing successfully with male infertility, routine andrology including SA, Sperm processing, testicular biopsy (PESA, TESA), frozen sperm ICSI. Well-versed in infertility and routine ultrasonography including 4D scanning. Has been working on GE VOLUSON system.Oocyte retrieval, denudation, IVM, laser assisted hatching, IVF Vitrification and embryo transfer. Troubleshooting and routine maintenance of lab excellent results with frozen embryo transfers.
  •  MBBS, DNB (Obs & Gynae). 
  •  Trained in ART and IVF under pioneer of IVF – Dr Sadhana Desai.
  • Advance Training in IVF from Army Hospital R&R.
  • Infertility Specialist & Endoscopy Surgeon.

Dr. Seema Bajaj

Gynchologist (IVF/ICSI/PCOS)

Doctor's Team

Dr.Rita Bakshi

Sr. Gynecologist

(Surrogacy/IVF Specialist)

​Located in the heart of New Delhi, her office has equipped well with state-of the-art facilities and OFFERS particular infertility treatment and surrogacy solutions. Also this has all the latest medical facilities, including on-site laboratories and theatres and a team of consultants and nursing staff with over 20 years’ experience.

In addition, this is able to put forward an all-inclusive range of IVF and other fertility treatments, as well as other specialist’s gynecological services. The clinic operates one of the most successful IVF programmes in the world, with patients coming from as far as the UK, USA, Israel, Nigeria and UAE to receive treatment.

As a standard, the clinic provides utmost importance towards hygiene to lessen any kind of air or transfusion diseases. Also, know more about clinic that are as:

·   World-renowned IVF Laboratory

·  Huge selection of well-screened, well-qualified egg donors and surrogates

​·  Critical procedures performed by MD and specialists

Her Experience at IVF

·    Six months House job from LHMC Delhi

·    One Year Diploma from St. Stephen Hospital, Delhi

·    Two years M.D. from Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi

·    Worked as an specialist & Head in Public Sector Undertaking Hospital

·    Had an opportunity of performing more than-3000 caesarean section

·    2000 Hysterectomies with non-descent Hysterectomies of even up to 16 week size uterus

·    Tubal recanalisation using microscope with exceptional result

·    DEALING infertility including IUI & IVF

·    Doing about 80 cases of IVF in her centre with a success rate of 45%

·    DEALING effectively with male infertility, testicular biopsy, frozen sperm ICSI

·     Executing lazer hatching for aged and elderly infertile women

·    Brilliant results with frozen embryo transfers

·    Experience as oncologist included

·    Aggressive Debalking comentectomy in ovarian cancers

·    Plevic Lynphadeveclonuy

·    Radical werthime’s Hysterectomy

·     Vulvectomy

·     Dawn staging of cancers

·     Use of tumor markers

·    Use of newer modalities cryo, cautery & Laser Diagnostic & Therapeutic colposcopy

​·   Induction & salvage chemotherapy in ovarian cancer follow up of the patient & management of chemotherapeutic complications