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Infertility Treatment For women:

  1. Initially Treatment includes giving an oral contraceptive pill continues for about 2 weeks. This intake of pills suppresses your natural cycle.Treatment may be given either as a daily injection or a nasal spray
  2. A fertility hormone called FSH or Follicle Stimulating Hormone is given after the natural cycle is suppressed. This is usually taken as a daily injection for around 12 days.The reason behind intake of these hormones will increase the number of eggs you produce causes the growth of more eggs can be fertilized. Availability of more fertilized eggs can enhance chance to choose of embryos to use in your treatment
  3. The conclusion of above process is checked up by monitoring. The IVF clinics in India monitor your progress by the vaginal ultrasound scans and blood tests. A hormone injection is injected to mature the eggs before 34-38 hours from your eggs are due to be collected.
  4. When the eggs are matured enough for fertilization, these Eggs are usually collected by ultrasound guidance under sedation. Collecting the eggs involves a needle being inserted into the scanning probe and into each ovary. There may be little bit cramping and a small amount of vaginal bleeding can occur after the procedure.
  5. Then your eggs are united with your partner's or the donor's sperm and kept for culturing in the laboratory for 16-20 hours approximately. Once these are checked to see whether any one has fertilized. Fertilized eggs are now called embryos, are grown in the laboratory incubator for another one two days before being checked again. The best one or two embryos will then be chosen for transfer.
  6. Keeping the number of embryos is restricted because there may be risks such as multiple births. A proper amount of embryos are taken for the further process and residual embryos may be frozen for future IVF attempts.
  7. Now finally the term ‘Blastocyst transfer’ comes in process where the fertilized eggs are left to mature for around five to six days and then transferred.