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Guaranteed Baby Delivery Package

Guaranteed Baby Delivery Package of Gestational Surrogacy – with Indian Egg Donors

Salient features :-

·         Offered for Heterosexual couples ,single Males/Females and Gay Couple opting for surrogacy with Indian egg donor
·         You will select 3 Premium Indian egg donors

·        We will do up to 7 embryo transfer (fresh and frozen) attempts in surrogates

·        18 months of time period

·        If we still do not achieve live pregnancy of your baby, we will refund the advance paid

·        Two Visits: First Visit Would Be of 7 to 10 Days and Second Would Be of 12 to 15 Days

·        Approx Cost also Consider Cost of Baby exist visa and Full Surrogacy Procedure

·       95% Success Guarantee For baby Delivery.

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