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IVF Clinic in Delhi – A clinic where hope grow every day
IVF Clinic in Delhi is the one of the best and leading center in Delhi which is situated in South Ex Part 1 for those couples who are unable to conceive naturally after having an unprotected intercourse for more than 12 months but unable to achieve the desired results. IVF Clinic in Delhi is a center where you will get all the solution for your infertility issues. The fertility experts at IVF Clinic in Delhi are highly qualified and skilled doctors in the field of fertility management. They will first examine the exact cause of your infertility which is stopping you from getting pregnant and then they will suggest you the best fertility treatment to achieve the goal of your success.

Fertility Procedures at IVF Clinic in Delhi

There are wide ranges of fertility procedures are available at IVF Clinic in Delhi which will help you to conceive and some of them are listed below:

 a)    IVF: This is one of the most commonly used procedure at IVF Clinic in Delhi in which your fertility expert will collect your eggs and your husband sperm mix them together in a culture dish for fertilization and later on the resulted embryo will be placed into your uterus.

b)    ICSI: ICSI is the fertility procedure which is mainly used to treat the infertility factors in male member. In this procedure, your fertility expert will directly inject a single sperm into each egg for fertilization and the resulted embryo will be placed into your uterus.

c)    Egg Donation: Egg donation is the advanced fertility procedure where healthy, fertile and young women between the age group of 21 to 28 years will donate their eggs for those women who are unable to produce the good quality of eggs. The donated eggs that will be inseminated artificially with the sperms of recipient husband and the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the intended mother.

d)    Embryo freezing: In this procedure, the extra embryos of yours which have been formed during your IVF or ICSI cycle are frozen by using the advanced techniques such as slow freezing, vitrification, and stored in liquid. These left-over embryos you can use in future or your clinic to donate these embryos to other couples.

Success Rate of IVF Centre in Delhi

The estimated success rate of IVF Centre in Delhi by using above-mentioned procedure is between 60 to 80% which is quite high as compared to other clinics; however, the coated success rate will depend on the procedure you choose to treat your infertility issues.