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Complications of the IVF procedure:

As the IVF treatment’s success rate is bit low so as there may be is health hazards involved in IVF treatment. These are following:

​​1.Multiple pregnancy: 

This risk can be happened most of the time in the result after completing of IVF treatment.  Probability of multiple pregnancies with IVF is generally a conclusion of treatment. Multiple pregnancies have health risks not only for the mother but also for the children as twins or triplets are more likely to be born prematurely and to be unhealthy as well as underweight at birth. Multiple births are related to increased risk of pregnancy loss, obstetrical complications, prematurity, and neonatal morbidity with the potential for long term damage. Keeping the limits on the number of embryos strictly this treatment has been enacted in some countries to reduce the risk of high-order multiples (triplets or more).

​2.Infectious disease:

During the process of eggs removal from the woman, a fine needle is passed through the vagina into the ovaries. There may be the risk of infection into the body through this process, though antibiotics and surgical hygiene ensure that this rarely occurs.

3.Ovarian hype-stimulation syndrome (OHSS):

Stimulating the ovaries by doses of drugs during IVF treatment can cause to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). In such syndrome, the ovaries get enlarged and become painful that can cause abdominal ache. Mild cases can be healed with over the counter medications and cases can be resolved in the absence of pregnancy. In moderate cases, ovaries swell and fluid accumulated in the abdominal cavities and may have symptoms of heartburn, gas, or loss of appetite. More rigorous cases can cause fluid retention in the abdominal cavity and formation of blood clots, shortness of breath, excess abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and will result in hospitalization.

Patient’s need during IVF:
As explained above the results and consequences of IVF treatment,IVF treatment does not always lead to the successful pregnancy. In general,younger and healthy women have a higher chance of success. Success rates decrease dramatically in women over 40. IVF can be a physically and emotionally demanding process. Some men and women have mental health or emotional problems such as anxiety or depression during or after IVF. Anyone undergoing IVF should be offered counseling to help with the emotional impact of the process and its results.

Biomarkers effecting IVF:

Biomarkers affect the pregnancy chances of IVF are following:

  • Antral follicle count, with higher count giving higher success rates
  • Factors of semen quality for the sperm provider.
  • Level of DNA fragmentation as measured. For instance by Comet assay, advanced maternal age and semen quality.
  • Women with ovary-specific FMR1 genotypes including het-norm/low have significantly decreased pregnancy chances in IVF.
  • Tobacco smoking reduces the chances of IVF producing a live birth by 34% and increases the risk of an IVF pregnancy miscarrying by 30%
  • Embryo quality
  • Anti-Müllerian hormone levels, with higher levels indicating higher chances of pregnancy, as well as of live birth after IVF, even after adjusting for age.​

IVFSURROGACY.COM.AU offer the service of on-site professional counsellors who provide further specialised guidance and care throughout your experience of IVF if it is required. The process of having treatment, at times, can be challenging and we encourage you to utilise this service if it is suitable for you.Our counsellors are clinical psychologists and all patients are eligible for one counselling session (per IVF cycle) at no cost. A cost will be incurred for subsequent sessions after the initial session within each IVF cycle.Appointment session times are made through the IVF Clinic by phoning +91-8447730206.A referral is sent to the counsellors, who will then make contact with you to make suitable arrangements.