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Grab an opportunity to get the affordable IVF Process Cost in Delhi
IVF Process Cost in Delhi is very reasonable which no one can imagine that the fertility treatment at this cost to fulfill the dream. People who are not able to afford the expensive fertility treatment should go for the IVF treatment which will fulfill their dream as well as suits to their pocket. The fertility experts in Delhi has come forward to help the couples who are unable to afford the fertility treatments and not enjoying the phase of their parenthood. By offering them the reasonable IVF treatment does not mean that they compromise on the quality of the treatment. They will offer the same international standard quality of the treatment at the reasonable cost. The fertility experts in Delhi have cut down their own IVF Fees in Delhi to offer the people with reasonable IVF Charges in Delhi which is now USD 5,000 including other expenses.

How is the IVF cost in Delhi divided?

The IVF Cost in Delhi is divided into two parts (i) Basic IVF cost and (ii) Advanced IVF cost

(i)   Basic IVF Cost: The basic IVF Cost in Delhi includes the following:

•    Complete cycle of IVF/ ICSI
•    Blood tests, ultrasound scan, and male and female investigation tests
•    IVF Fees in Delhi for doctor
•   Egg pickup and embryo transfer
•   Airport transfer
•    Standard Medicines

(ii)  Advanced IVF Cost

In case you need more assistance as the IVF treatment only is not able to give you the desired results then you can opt for other advanced IVF procedures such as IVF with PGD, IVF with FET (Frozen embryo transfer) etc. By using these advanced procedures with advanced diagnoses your basic IVF Cost in Delhi will increase according to the procedure you choose to fulfill your dream of having your own baby.

Factors Influencing the IVF Process Cost in Delhi

The following are the factors which can affect your IVF Cost in Delhi:

a)  Age: If you are a woman with age above 35 years then you need more IVF cycle to get pregnant which will increase your IVF Cost as compared to the younger women who are less than the age of 35 years.

b) Body Weight: If you are obese or overweight then you need high dosage to stimulate your ovaries which will affect your IVF Cost. You need to maintain an ideal body weight.

c) Lifestyle Changes: If you smoke or drink alcohol which will affect your quality of eggs and you need high dosage to stimulate your ovaries can also affect your IVF Cost.

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