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The success rate of IVF Treatment Delhi depends on various factors such as women age, previous pregnancy, the status of ovaries; lifestyle, body weight etc. can affect your rate of success to achieve your goal. But no worry as Delhi is a city where we have highly skilled and experienced fertility experts who will have achieved the highest success rate which is around 70 to80% of the women under age of 35 years and around 50 to 60% of the women over the age of 40 years. If you compared the success rate of IVF in Delhi with any other city in India or with any other developed countries you will find huge variations in the success rates. However, these are only the estimated figure of success rate and the actual figure will only be given by your fertility expert after your physical examination which may increase or decrease according to the cause of infertility factors.

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The cost of the IVF Treatment Delhi is very reasonable and can be easily afforded by each individual. The estimated cost of IVF Treatment Delhi is USD 5,000 which includes all your standard medicines. The medicines which you need to stimulate the ovaries will cost you extra and this you need to pay from your pocket. However, if you compare the overall cost of IVF in Delhi with other developed countries like the US and the UK you will find a huge difference in costs. This is the reason that people travel to Delhi for their IVF in Delhi as the cost is low and the success rate is high.

What’s the cost of the IVF Treatment Delhi?

IVF Treatment Delhi gives hope to the couples who are unable to conceive naturally after having an unprotected intercourse for more than 12  months and unable to achieve the desired output. The IVF in Delhi is a procedure where your fertility expert will monitor your monthly cycle to collect your eggs from your ovaries and then they will fertilize your collected your eggs with the sperm of your husband in the culture dish outside your body but in the IVF laboratory under specific circumstances and then your embryologist will pick the best embryos and will place into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy.

In case you are unable to achieve the successful outcome in the first attempt of IVF in Delhi procedure than you can repeat your IVF Delhi procedure to achieve your successful results. Most of the women had undergone for more than two IVF cycles to achieve their dream which is their own baby.

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Success Rate of IVF Treatment Delhi