Laparoscopy Treatment:

1. Laparoscopy is an in-hospital procedure, performed under general anesthesia.

2. The abdominal cavity is inflated with carbon dioxide and a fiberoptic instrument is placed through the navel and additional instruments through entry sites in the lower quadrants.

3.The small instruments introduced can accomplish surgical repair of pelvic pathology.

4. History, physical examination, sonography and historosal pingography almost always reveal most pelvic pathology.

​5. If there is still a question about possible pelvic pathology, patient is preferred to a skillful surgeon for this procedure. Laparoscopy can be performed as an out-patient procedure.

How can men and Women Improve their Fertility generally?

​Men can improve fertility by protecting their sperm counts by being little bit conscious and aware in day to day life. Some evidence shows that extended exposure to hot water can lead to less sperm count. The same can be happened by the heat produced by laptops and other gadgets. Smoking can harm the fetus during pregnancy men who smoke, decrease sperm production and can be damage the sequence of DNA transported by the sperm to the egg. On the other hand, Women can increase their fertility by paying close attention to their weight. Being both over and underweight can result in hormonal fluctuations that affect ovulation badly. Overweight women can take twice as long to get pregnant for example. Underweight women can take four times as long. Women should also leave the intake of alcohol and caffeine to increase the probability of fertility.

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