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Pleased to have been cured by that becomes really lifeline to us. In precise practice of our words, we would explain you know and come with particular to help infertile couples have their families complete through its result-oriented fertility treatments( Surrogacy.)

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Surrogacy for Singles and Couples in Nepal

·         IVF Surrogacy has joined hands with Surrogacy Center in Nepal to offer surrogacy as well as IVF facilities to intended parents. Specially For Homosexual Couples and Single parents. IVF For Single Parents Is Best Selling program.

·        The ground-breaking step of offering Surrogacy in Nepal is a boon for singles females, single men as well as for gay couples as they are allowed to get surrogacy services in other countries.

·        Legal framework for surrogacy in Nepal is not as strict as it is in other parts of the world like India and UK and US and because of this very reason a number of foreign clients consider surrogacy in Nepal.

·         You do not need a visa to come to Nepal. Nepal offers Visa on Arrival facility for most of the countries.

·         IVF clinics in Nepal are made by using state of art technology so that surrogate mother’s as well as intended parents coming out there can have the satisfaction in terms of services provided to them while they avail surrogacy facilities.

·        The most advantageous part of getting surrogacy services in Nepal is that, patients are given services from renowned medical practitioners. It elevates success percentage.

About Nepal Hospital

·       We are one of the most prestigious intercontinental hospitals settled in Nepal that has 18 ICUs, 12 CCUs and 4 NICs with separate medical gas supply for the isolation rooms.

​·        Adequate facilities in every room helps service personal offer the best in terms of pre and post operative services there at IVF & Surrogacy

·        Surrogacy and IVF techniques have recently been added to the amplified range of services offered by IVF & SURROGACY and thus the hospital continues to be the one prominent offering every sort of treatment

·        For surrogacy purposes, the clinics choose surrogate mother only if they clear the standards made by the hospital itself.

·        The rehabilitation of surrogate at surrogacy homes is given intense importance as the hospital rooms are equipped with all the required entertainment and treatment facilities

·        There are no major legal complications to get indulged into and thus both the parties i.e. intended parents as well as surrogates do not need to get into any complicated legalities.

·        Intended parents coming to Nepal for surrogacy have the opportunity to choose their egg donor [Nepali / Indian]as per their requirement.

·         The cost of surrogacy is Nepal is much lesser than developed countries.

​​·    The cost of surrogacy in Nepal is approximately $35000-$40,000
* including the expenses of medicines and the payment of surrogate mother.