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Primary testicular failure

Testicular failure is an uncommon disorder that occurs when the male testes, the two egg-shaped reproductive organs in the scrotum, become unable to develop sperm and testosterone. The disorder may be a result of a problem of the testes (primary testicular failure), or due to another condition with the hypothalamus or pituitary gland (secondary testicular failure). The hormonal imbalance affects growth, muscle mass and other male characteristics. The condition has similarities to disorders such as hypogonadism, when the sex glands do not produce sufficient sex hormones, and secondary hypogonadism which arises from a problem with the pituitary gland or hypothalamus.

What is the prognosis of Testicular Failure?

The prognosis for testicular failure depends on the age at which it develops and the extent of the disorder. Failure prior to the onset of puberty stops normal body growth. Hormone therapy may relieve symptoms, but most forms of testicular failure are irreversible. Testicular cancer, one of the reasons testes fail, is often curable when treated early, but can have serious consequences if it spreads to other parts of the body. 
​Testicular failure describes the inability of a man’s sex organs to produce sperm or male hormones. Florida Hospital is nationally recognized in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that lead to testicular failure and other male sexual health problems. A team of some of the country’s most respected endocrinologists, urologists, oncologists and surgeons combine their skills in the most effective therapies and procedures, successfully helping many men achieve the best possible outcome and return to normal life.