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Surrogacy Treatment Delhi – Is a fertility treatment for childless couples to conceive a baby

Surrogacy Treatment Delhi is one of the best fertility treatment for couples who are struggling from a long period of time to have an own baby. Earlier the couples who were unable to conceive had very viable options available to have an own baby, but now with the advancement in the medical science people can conceive their own baby by using the latest and advanced procedures of fertility treatment and Surrogacy is one of them.

Surrogacy in Delhi is a procedure where one woman will carry the pregnancy in her womb for the women who are unable to carry the pregnancy in her own womb due to some medical illness.

Types of Surrogacy in Delhi

Surrogacy in Delhi is of two types (i) Gestational and (ii) Traditional

i)    Gestational Surrogacy: This is a procedure where your eggs will be fertilized with your husband sperms and the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of gestational surrogate and she will carry your baby in her womb for 9 months and then will hand-over your baby to you. The surrogates are paid for her services which will be bear by you. In this, the procedure the surrogates are not genetically related to newborn.

(ii)    Traditional Surrogacy: This is a procedure where the eggs of the egg donor or surrogate will artificially inseminate with the sperm of your husband and the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the traditional surrogate. In this procedure, the surrogate is the biological mother of the newborn.

Law for Surrogacy in Delhi

As such, there is no Law for the Surrogacy Treatment Delhi but to run the process smooth and hassle-free both the parties need to sign a contract before they enter into the Surrogacy in Delhi procedure. This contract says that surrogate mother will hand-over the baby to the intended parents and the intended parents will bear all the expenses of the surrogate mother with includes food, accommodation, clothes etc. and also pay her compensation for her services.  The surrogate mothers will get the amount in the monthly installments and the left balance paid to her only after the heartbeat of an infant is confirmed by the fertility expert. Also, it’s a responsibility of the intended parents that they file a petition in Court on the third day of the baby birth and seeks Court permission to be legal parents of a baby born. The Court then orders the Department of the Vital Statistics to issue the new birth certificate which is in the name of the intended parents as legal parents and surrogate has no relationship with a baby born.

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