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Surrogacy Law in India

India’s government has instructed fertility clinics not to allow foreigners to use local surrogate mothers to bear children as it seeks to impose tighter limits on a growing industry that has raised concerns about the exploitation of women. In the Month of October a government body, said surrogacy services could be provided only to married Indian couples.  

​Cautious approach plays the key role. We are certain to advise our clients on how to avoid problems rather than waiting for the problem to arise and then tackle it. We have learnt from experience that few legal issues can blow into unmanageable proportions for our clients causing irreparable emotional loss, time and money. It is our paramount concern that the legal issues never go beyond the reach of our clients. At the earliest time we tend to locate all possible conflicting situation and advise the client of the possible solution.

We are premium Legal Consultant with expertise in Surrogacy Laws and International Surrogacy Laws. We have been pioneers in the law relating to human reproductive sciences and have helped hundreds of childless couples from all over the world navigate through the dark emotional passages of surrogacy, egg donation and embryo donation.

The desire to procreate is a very fundamental attribute of the human race. Sadly though, many are denied the joy of parenthood due to several reasons, biological or otherwise. With the developments in reproductive sciences and technologies the barriers to parenthood are no longer as formidable as they once were. Over the years, surrogacy has evolved as a much-preferred mode of bringing a child into this world, for childless couples who cannot biologically afford it otherwise. India, in particular has seen a rise in the recourse to surrogacy as an ideal technique for childless couples to enjoy the pleasures of parenthood. The only impediments the system faces now relate to the legal tangles that manifest it in the various phases of the process involved.

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IVFSURROGACY.COM.AU is a pioneer and expert in Surrogacy Law in India and international surrogacy laws. Being the first legal consultants in the country with exclusive practice in Surrogacy Laws in India, we have immenseknowledge pertaining to International Surrogacy Laws and Surrogacy Laws in India. Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years and we are fully equipped to DEAL with each and every legal requirement pertaining to International Surrogacy arrangements in India.

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