Is Surrogacy Legal In India?

Commercial surrogacy has been legal in India since 2002. India is emerging as a leader in international surrogacy. Indian surrogates have been increasingly popular with fertile couples in industrialized nations because of the relatively low cost. Indian clinics are at the same time becoming more competitive, not just in the pricing, but in the hiring and retention of Indian females as surrogates. Clinics charge patients between $25,000 to $30,000 for the complete package, including fertilization, the surrogate's fee, and delivery of the baby at a hospital.
Surrogacy in India is much more simpler and cost effective than anywhere else in the world. There is an increasing amount of Intended Parents who choose India as their surrogacy destination. The main reason for this increase is the less costlier surrogacy and better flexible laws. In2008, the Supreme Court of India has held that commercial surrogacy is permitted in India. That has again increased the international confidence in going in for surrogacy in India.

Intended Parents from all over the world come down to India with great dreams and hopes for attaining the joy of parenthood by opting surrogacy. Intended parents contact hospitals over the internet mainly and to come across hospitals/agencies which do not provide complete information about the surrogacy procedures, time factors and more importantly the cost factor.

We also advise you on how to get an order from the Indian Courts helping you to take your child with you to your homeland.

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