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Why should I Use a Surrogacy Agency?
So, what does a surrogacy agency do exactly? Well, surrogacy agencies don't just help find, vet, and match a gestational carrier with an intended parent. Surrogacy agencies provide emotional and psychological support for each individual involved in the process. Discussions over cost, fertility specialists, IVF centers, escrow accounts, lawyers, paperwork and scheduling appointments can cause unwelcome stress during an otherwise extraordinary and loving process. Using a surrogacy agency to manage the process and handle the details allows intended parents and gestational carriers to feel secure, knowing the surrogacy plan is mutually agreed upon, and everyone’s interests are protected.



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​​​Surrogacy Center in Nepal

​Surrogacy is a practice that started long back in Asian regions and IVF Surrogacy holds an important place in introducing this technique to Asian sub continent. The pioneering effort made by IVF Surrogacy has changed the lives of number of childless couples by gifting them the chance to get their genetic successor with IVF as well as surrogacy technique. IVF Surrogacy is once again in news for starting surrogacy in Nepal for foreign clients.

Highlights of surrogacy Nepal offered

·       The ground-breaking step of offering Surrogacy in Nepal is a boon for singles as they are allowed to get surrogacy services here. The same is prohibited by number of nations including India.

·       Nepal allowed surrogacy for foreign nationals, but with Nepalese.  This meant that neither the intended parents nor the surrogate mothers could be Nepali. Ironically there were quite a few Nepali surrogates carrying babies in India!  Nepal had no specific law or regulation.

·         Besides offering a chance to singles for having a baby through surrogacy or IVF technique, the same is equally available there for married couples; however, a citation of a reason is most important to be there with intended couples wishing to get the services.  

·         IVF clinics in Nepal are made by using state of art technology so that surrogate mother’s as well as intended parents coming out there can have the satisfaction in terms of services provided.

IVF in Nepal – At the World Class IVF Surrogacy Center

·         IVF Surrogacy Nepal Center offer surrogacy as well as IVF facilities to intended parents(Singles/Gays/ LGBT)

·         The most advantageous part of getting surrogacy services here are, patients are given services from some of the very renowned medical practitioners that elevates the chances of success of services offered.

·        IVF Surrogacy Nepal is one of the most prestigious intercontinental hospitals settled in Nepal that has 18 ICUs, 12 CCUs and 4 NICs with separate medical gas supply for the isolation rooms.

·       Adequate facilities in every room helps service personal offer the best in terms of pre and post operative services there .

·       Surrogacy and IVF techniques have recently been added to the amplified range of services offered by IVF Surrogacy Nepal and thus the hospital continues to be the one prominent offering every sort of treatment for every possible physical deformity.

·        For surrogacy purposes, the clinics choose surrogate mother only if they clear the standards made by the hospital itself.

·        The underlined rules prescribed in consent with IVF Surrogacy Nepal for a lady to be a surrogate mother at IVFSURROGACY announces that the lady must have a child of her own and she must possess a good overall health to undergo the procedure.

·       She (the surrogate) must have the consent of her family including her husband and in laws so that no legal issues can be raised out the decision taken by the lady (surrogate mother) by her relatives.

·        It is very important to have the consent of her family with the surrogate mother so that she can have the emotional support that would help her survive successfully during the surrogacy.

How surrogate mothers are chosen by IVF Surrogacy?

The procedure of choosing surrogates by IVF Surrogacy Nepal is one similar as any other hospital. The key points that are given much importance come as:

·        The women for a surrogate’s role needs not being more than 35 years of age.

·        The women must not be a smoker and must be an educated lady, so that she can understand the process well prior to taking the decision of coming into the profession.

·        Organizations do a thorough investigation about the background of a woman prior to accepting her as a surrogate mother.

·        The woman also requires going under a medical examination to make sure she is physically fit for the intended job.

·        Besides testing the physical condition of the women, she is also examined psychologically. Such tests prove for the candidacy of the surrogates and make them an ideal candidate for the intended job.