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Surrogacy Center in Russia


Russia  is the most friendly country for surrogacy. The Process of Finalizing the parent & child relationship ( issuing of birth certificate in the name of the intended parents) is very favorable in respect to intended parents in creation of a new family. Special part of attention is They don’t have to apply to court or to do any other legal paper work.As a Surrogacy Agency in Russia, We offer distant IVF Program that is to be performed by  Best  Specialist Gynecologist. Intended parents need to travel to Russia at the certain time for egg retrieval & other steps of program.

We offer comfort during each Surrogacy arrangement in Russia to intended parents and their surrogate. IVFSurrogacy Russia clinics handle the legal, financial, medical, administrative, and practical details so you don’t have to worry.

Russian Center grants you access to the most powerful Surrogacy programs, where you can be confident of receiving the most advanced and effective infertility treatment.

Whether you are an intended parent  or traveling from abroad,We provide ideal settings for all parties involved along the surrogacy journey.

Cost of Surrogacy in Russia

Surrogacy costs in Russia are affordable due to the low cost of living. Surrogacy is a booming commerce in Russia and is backed by some of the world's celebrated surrogacy experts.

Russia offers affordable & flexible surrogacy options in which you can cast your doubts aside.


Russia remains one of the providential countries where surrogacy is permitted by law. The legal aspects of surrogacy are stipulated by the Family Code of the Russian Federation and the Russian Law on the Population Healthcare. The medical aspect of surrogacy is revealed in Order 67 issued by the Russian Ministry of Healthcare.

The evident drawback of the Russian legislation is that the Surrogate Mother is not obligated in giving consent for the Intended Parents’ names on the birth certificate. This is where the legal contract serves protection to the Intended Parents as correct contracts and agreements should include all the details of the parental privileges and birth certificate issues in advance.

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Why should I Use a Surrogacy Agency?
So, what does a surrogacy agency do exactly? Well, surrogacy agencies don't just help find, vet, and match a gestational carrier with an intended parent. Surrogacy agencies provide emotional and psychological support for each individual involved in the process. Discussions over cost, fertility specialists, IVF centers, escrow accounts, lawyers, paperwork and scheduling appointments can cause unwelcome stress during an otherwise extraordinary and loving process. Using a surrogacy agency to manage the process and handle the details allows intended parents and gestational carriers to feel secure, knowing the surrogacy plan is mutually agreed upon, and everyone’s interests are protected.

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