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​​Top -notch facilities of Surrogacy at in Thailand

​One of the best facilities providers for surrogacy services in Thailand, has been appropriate platform for intended parents for their fertility treatment from all over the world. Advanced technology used for fertility treatments, higher success rate for treating the ailments, and reasonable price, in Thailand has been providing the healthy & educated surrogate mothers, and egg donors for those who have decided to have surrogate baby in Thailand.

At, this is not the tough task to find a woman that wishes to play this role at priority according to intended parents. For this, the patients have to come in contact to our specialized websites as mentioned above, the caretakers and counselors at resolve all the problems connected with pregnancy and various legal issues or patients regarding the surrogacy as well as you may trust for this task to the people connected or working at Starting from the process of choosing the right surrogate mother of appropriate egg donor, the intended parents need to fill out all the documents needed to bring forth a new life into this world.

At in Thailand, the up most and skilled doctors and most caring and trained staff assure for egg Donors and Surrogate mother who come to parallel to our strict criteria and have been medically and psychologically checked up. in Thailand avail the independence to their intended parents to choose not only surrogate mothers who are married and have own children but also the single surrogate mothers having no children. Surrogate mothers and egg donors at in Thailand are medically checked up thus single surrogate mothers without any children usually have the similar success rate to other surrogate mothers have delivered their babies. There are many factors that usually contribute to the successful results and having own children is not a guarantee for pregnancy.

Our skilled and advanced doctors as well as best hospitality by caretakers at support our surrogate mothers mentally before and during pregnancy. They get proper counseling and our surrogate coordinator is always available to assist them and make them mentally prepare for the pregnency. We assure that surrogate mothers must have proper nutrition, medications and care during the pregnancy. Each month, these surrogate mothers at receive appropriate allowance for food and medications.

​The women, whom you can find in our database at, are citizens of Thailand. These women, mostly from middle-class background, seem surrogate motherhood as a way to earn extra money safely and comfortably. From the moment you sign all the documents, our eminent doctors and caring bunch of caretakers starts to care the surrogate as your medical supervision. Knowing the fact that Surrogacy treatment is very stressful trip for intended parents that is why in Thailand offers the facility for providing the special enthusiastic person as pregnancy care coordinator. Thus we make sure intended parents have proper and same level of attention, care and emotional support as they had initially before pregnancy confirmation. Every surrogate mother has to undergo many parameters concerning her physical and mental health, and whether she has her own children. Each of these parameters is regulated by Thailand’s legislation. The success rate of surrogacy and other treatments in Thailand lead more skilled doctors working and renowned clinics opening. This all let the Thailand government to invest heavily in its medical Tourism industry. In comparison to the any other Asian country, Thailand receives about 1.3 million westerners each year who seek for a variety of medical procedures. As a conclusion, Thailand government has created the best-equipped and highly-skilled medical infrastructure in the region. The doctors at in Thailand follow international protocols, avail most upmost services, and are judged according to international standards of excellence. In many cases, Thai medical services are more heavily regulated and overseen than Western hospitals and clinics. in short, Thailand has been favorite destination for surrogacy treatment for intended parents.

Cost of Thai egg donor or Surrogate mothers and Thai sperm donor:
· provides client access to Thai egg donors database that meet all the standards of the World Health Organization;

·        Medical check-ups of the surrogate mother in accordance to all standards of WHO;

·        Examinations of the egg donor(s) in accordance with all standards of WHO;

·         Expenses associated with medical examinations of the surrogate mother in the private medical clinic;

·        All transportation and household expenses of the surrogate mother;

·        Legal counsel regarding the contract;

·        Expenses associated with the surrogate mother delivering the baby at a private clinic;

·        Drawing up of all the documents in embassy;

·        Help for the clients to find a place of residence during their visit to Thailand;

·        Transfer from the airport in Bangkok to the place of residence;

·       All expenses of the client associated with the transportation needed to go through all the medical procedures and the preparation of all the documents;

·        The services of a translator-consultant for the duration of going through all the medical procedures in the medical clinic and filling out the paper work in the embassy. ·        All expenses connected with IVF treatment;

·       All reparations for the surrogate mother, including payments even after the child is born;

·        Entire compensations for the egg donor.
​Besides the Thai egg donors and Thai sperms donors, our database at does not contains a list of only surrogate mothers, we also have all the information concerning sperm and oocyte donors. According to the requirement, we can gain full information on donors that reside in USA, Europe, and Russia, and can transport all the needed genetic material to any part of the world. Intended parents are much assured for such facilities at