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Life during Surrogacy Program- Thoughts of Surrogate and Doctor (individually)

Medical science has given some of the most exceptional gifts to humans in the form of surrogacy, which is a procedure of offering happiness of parenthood to infertile couple. Surrogacy is available in two distinctive forms called gestational or traditional surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, a surrogate carries egg that is cultured in laboratory with IVF procedure and then transferred to the womb of the surrogate. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate can be impregnated with natural or artificial means and the resultant child is related to surrogate.

The life of a surrogate changes dramatically during surrogacy. There is a lot of physical and emotional change that takes place inside her body. The behavior also changes during the pregnancy and the same goes true with a surrogate also. What all might she thinks during this journey is quoted below after interviewing surrogates at different medical centers.

Turning out towards surrogacy is probably the most influential decision for a surrogate. There are women belonging to middle class society who venture into the business just to earn a bit more. On the other hand, high prolife women are also seen venturing into the business just to earn the satisfaction of being a mother for the sake of intended parents. This is of course a service towards humanity. If we talk about women coming from middle-class society, money matters for them. More to it, there is emotional aspect that surrogate needs to deal with during her entire surrogacy period. Therefore, it is very important to have her family support with the surrogate.

Doctors also support the idea of having emotional support with the surrogate. It helps her survive successfully during the entire procedure. Doctors give utmost importance on the diet of a surrogate as it is most important for a pregnant lady to consume all the essential nutrients during the pregnancy. It is required both to the health of the lady and the baby to be born. Besides having family support and proper diet, consuming prenatal medicines is also important. It compensates the deficiency of essential nutrients. Doctors also suggest adding prenatal yoga in the daily routine of surrogate. It helps delivering health baby and minimizing delivery pain.

​Regular check up with the gynecologist is also important and should be done as per the schedule made by the doctor. All these responsibilities must be taken into the consideration with the surrogate home that is housing the surrogate. Intended parents should take care of all the expenses incurred during the pregnancy of surrogate.   
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