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Surrogacy Costs –4 cycles (attempts) Surrogacy Package calculated for you

Gestational Surrogacy – with FOUR ATTEMPTS [1 + 3]

Salient features :-

·         IVF Surrogacy with self eggs

·         IVF Surrogacy with Egg Donor( Donor charges are separate-Indian/Caucasian/Other Race)

·        Total 4 attempts for surrogate mother pregnancy. One with fresh embryos and three with frozen embryos (frozen from first attempt) included in package. Semen Freezing and Embryos freezing cost (one year) included in the package
·        Part payment made while undertaking surrogacy with embryo transfers in surrogate mother and the rest paid in stages during 9 months of pregnancy only after positive continued pregnancy.
·        Facilitation during first visit as well as next visit to take the baby back including facilitation for birth certificate, DNA test, Passport and exit Visa from FRRO. Click here for details.

More Packages for Surrogacy with Us:
1.Gestational Surrogacy with one Embryo Transfer Attempt

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2.Gestational Surrogacy with Embryo Transfer in Two surrogate in the first attempt

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3.Guaranteed Baby Delivery Package

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